LUXMURALIS: Renaissance

in collaboration with University Church of St Mary the Virgin

23 June – 27 June
Entries at: 9.30pm; 10pm; 10.30pm; 11pm every day

The story of the Renaissance world through the eyes of the artists and Masters of the time, brought to life in a spectacular fully-curated son-et-lumiere experience. The Renaissance was a time of major transformation in the world, through cultural, artistic, political, and economic growth. In this bespoke installation, we invite our audiences to immerse themselves amongst the greatest paintings and artworks of the time; and to explore – through light and sound – the wonder that revolutionised Europe. New soundscapes shroud the building, together with fine art light that is projected onto architectural features transforming the space and enveloping the visitors, reflecting the works and deeds of some of greatest thinkers who emerged through this period which changed the world. A rare opportunity to visit the University Church at night-time, and creating a new sense of place, we encourage visitors to enjoy the late-night hours for a full experience in a building which will be awash with colour and sound. Luxmuralis is a collaborative team of artists from different backgrounds and artistic disciplines creating works across multiple media and presentation formats. Watch the stories come to life through the stained glass windows of our time!

The team’s lead artists are:

Artistic Director: Peter Walker MRBS FRS
Composer and Sound Artist: David Harper MSc

As a sculptor and artist, Peter’s work adorns towns and cities both nationally and internationally. His art work consists of large-scale sculpture, commissioned and bespoke sculptural works as well as paintings, drawings, film, sound and light installations. Peter has vast experience in artistic direction / project management and large scale project development. Peter is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and a member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors.  His work can be viewed at

David Harper MSc : David is a Composer and Sound Artist. The music he writes and produces has been used for BBC and Channel 4 T.V. productions as well as for national theatre productions, and film. David also creates sound art installations which combines his musical composition with video and film and are frequently exhibited at art events, museums and in public spaces throughout the U.K. David has been commissioned to create a new series of audio and sound works in the project which will form the public art soundscapes for the new City of Sculpture project.  To listen to examples of David’s work go to:


Jun 23 - 27 2023

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