ORA Singers in a circle performing in low light with candlelit boxes in front of them

Tallis – A Reflection by ORA Singers

Is it sacrilegious to mash-up a work by Thomas Tallis with a contemporary reflection? Why not tune in and see as the award-winning ORA Singers pays a modern-day tribute to perhaps the greatest English composer of Tudor times.

Tallis’ extraordinary talent and, equally importantly, versatility, allowed him not only to survive but to flourish, in the reigns of monarchs with such incredibly conflicting views of religion and the music that was integral to it. ORA Singers celebrates his brilliance with a programme of some of his best works, alongside the group’s trademark reflection pieces from modern composers.

Listen to how Harry Escott creates a sublime, modern take on Tallis’ O nata lux, and watch out for the change of composer in ORA’s recording of Videte miraculum! ORA’s Artistic Director, Suzi Digby, will guide you through this tribute, culminating with an exclusive snippet from the group’s soon to be released recording of Tallis’ iconic Spem in alium.

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Jun 20 2020


8:00 pm - 9:00 pm



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