Our poetry winners on National Poetry Day

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It’s National Poetry Day on Thursday 6 October, and what better day to celebrate than to share with you the three winning poems of the Poetry Writing Competition which we ran for schools with our Partnership team during the summer, following the author session with Tamsin Mori. The theme was Conjure the Weather, inspired by Tamsin’s award-winning ‘Weather Weaver’ books. Each budding poet was awarded two of Tamsin’s signed books and a certificate. 

Here are their wonderful poems.

Jonas (age 10)
English Summer

I see dark clouds intimidating, loitering,
Whilst staring mournfully through the windowpane
My cricket bats and pads at the ready, held up by
The constant pitter-patter of the rain.

Longing for seasonal warmth, the threatening clouds
Conspire to spoil our summer fun
So, I shall dance to the weather gods, and
Pray that they can summon the golden sun

The emerald grass glistens with the cloud’s tears
Conjuring up a feeling of gloom,
Do the sun gods really want to listen?
Even when I pray to them in my room

Scooting outside, chanting and hollering to the gods
Waving my wiggly hands in despair
Suddenly, the clouds disappear
The sound of leather on willow is in the air.

Evvi (age 10)
Storm Day

By the power
of the children,
Who hate

From the loneliness
of the children,
Who have 
no friends.

By the sadness
and the rage,
Of those
who are bullied.

We call
the storm.

The wind will
howl and,
the rain 
will pour.

Bella (age 10)
The powers of life

Stars are miraculous constellations,
Beautiful specks in the sky.
They hide away
For most of the day
Then show themselves off from so high.

A star in particular changed my life,
(In fact I can now change the weather!)
It sparked one night,
A light so bright,
While I slept on my pillow soft as feathers.

Recently, we visited friends,
A ramshackle house in the west,
There were terrible downpours,
We were kept indoors,
Until I made the day into the best.

I was irked to be trapped indoors,
A caged bird with no freedom,
So I summoned the sun,
Brought out summer fun,
And bolted out into the arboretum.

Other days, when it is too hot,
And the warmth was physically distressing, 
I squinted at the clouds,
And through the mist crowds,
Our town had a white snow dressing.

I thank the stars, for giving me
The powers to conjure the weather,
They’re so fun to use,
So cool to choose,
I wish stars could last forever.

On that note, happy National Poetry Day!

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