OFA 2024: MUSE

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We are delighted to unveil the theme for Oxford Festival of the Arts 2024.  With the wonderful restoration work on the nine muses on the top of Clarendon Building on Broad Street, it seems a most opportune moment for the festival of the city to celebrate this iconic building within Oxford in its programming through the concept of a “muse”, or indeed, the nine muses. Expect to be tantalised and inspired by the muses; and an array of: History (Clio), Music (Euterpe), Comedy (Thalia), Tragedy (Melpomeni), Dance (Terpsichore), Love and Poetry (Erato), Sacred hymns and poetry and mimic art (Polymnia), Epic poetry and rhetoric (Calliope), and perhaps even some astronomy (Ourania)

This year we open with a wonderful programme of visual arts from 19 April, and the festival runs to 14 July. Watch this space for further announcements.

Dr Michelle Castelletti
Director, Oxford Festival of the Arts

Image: Detail of Statue of one of the nine muses adorning the roof of the Clarendon Building, University of Oxford

Photo Credit: J Marshall – Tribaleye Images / Alamy Stock Photo

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