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Young musicians from Street Orchestra Live raise their instruments in the air after performing live in Oxford's Bonn Square on a sunny day in June 2019.
Street Orchestra Live do a pop-up concert to the delight of passers-by in Oxford’s Bonn Square, June 2019

The Arts are essential to humanity which is something that Magdalen College School recognises in every aspect and is why they founded this festival in 2008. Since then Oxford Festival of the Arts has grown in scope, duration and artistic ambition. It is my great privilege to programme this wonderful celebration of the arts.
Dr Michelle Castelletti, Director, Oxford Festival of the Arts

The Oxford Festival of the Arts is a fortnight of events across the city, which takes place each summer from the third week of June onwards.

We attract nationally and internationally renowned performers and artists, as well as exciting newcomers and wonderful home-grown talent to our festival. Through our many cultural partnerships, we are able to make use of the buildings, open spaces and performance venues that our beautiful city of Oxford has to offer.

Our mission is to offer a broad programme of performances, events and experiences across the fields of music, theatre, art, film, comedy and literature.

We celebrate Oxford’s diverse communities and offer something for everyone, whatever their age, background or artistic experience.

The two weeks of the Festival are the pinnacle of our activities, our partnership and community engagement activities run throughout the year involving hundreds of children from local primary schools and community groups. Much of their work is showcased during the Festival.

The Oxford Festival of the Arts was founded by Magdalen College School in 2008, and the school remains its lead sponsor.

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