Art in Nature

Mother Nature is surely our greatest artist? Whether it’s the glorious colours of the weedy sea dragon, or catching the sun’s movement playing hide and seek, the whispering sounds of a hedgehog foraging in the garden, or a blue tit chirping away, the power of the sea, or the gentle breeze and scented air, the majestic sight of a mountain, or the tiniest ripple on a still lake. It is there for us if we stop, watch and listen.

The Weedy Sea Dragon (Phyllopteryx taeniolatus) – photo credit Lecates on Flickr

Oxford Festival of the Arts is calling for artistic responses to anything that inspires you from the natural world. Any medium is accepted as long as it is in digital format (poetry, painting, song etc).

Art is but imitation of nature

Seneca the elder

We will be choosing a selection of your pieces and sharing them on our website and social media platforms. The maximum length for a video should be 2 minutes in order for it to be shared on Twitter. Other platforms will vary.

This is open to everyone and there are no age restrictions. Please send your submissions to include your name, and a few details about your art and what moved to you make it.

Entries will be accepted throughout the year, but the earlier it is sent, the more airing it is likely to receive.

We really look forward to seeing how the natural world inspires you.